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Hands-On Heat Transfer Education: An Innovative Method For Learning Heat Transfer Concepts

FluxTeq has partnered with Virginia Tech to develop an innovative approach for active learning of heat transfer. The result is a series of hands-on instructional workshops that students are able to enjoy while learning basic heat transfer concepts.The workshops were designed in a way that engages students and challenges them to use critical thinking and use creative problem solving.

These workshops have been implemented in Virginia Tech’s mechanical engineering department and have been a huge success with the students. Since students have now been able to actually FEEL heat transfer in various scenarios it was found that it became easier to grasp difficult heat transfer concepts while also increasing retention.

Lab Kit Contents

Lab kits are inexpensive and include everything you need to teach hands-on in your heat transfer class. Workshop instructions, extensive coursework activities, suggested quizzes and homework are available to the public and can be accessed using the links below. FluxTeq has created inexpensive lab kits that include everything a student will need to directly experience and measure heat transfer phenomena. Lab kits include various thermal sensors, heaters, a data acquisition device, and raw materials that can be used for testing. Portable, inexpensive lab kits make it possible for students to perform their learning activities in a lab setting or just as easily at home on their own.

Easy to Implement in Your Class

- Workshops were designed to be modular so it is easy to fit into your curriculum

- Activities don't require much time to conduct so they fit into your class schedule

- Lab kit hardware is inexpensive, simple, & reusable from year to year

- Lab activities can be conducted in a lab setting or even at the student's homes

Workshop Curriculum

- Modes of Heat Transfer 

 - Heat vs. Temperature

 - Thermal Conductivity

 - Thermal Resistance: Parallel & Series

 - Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient

 - Convective Fins & Efficiency

- Convective Boundary Layers

 - Transient Heat Transfer with Lumped Capacitance

 - Transient Heat Transfer in Semi-Infinite Solids

 - Mass Transfer

 - Radiation Black Bodies

 - Radiation Gray Bodies

For more information about the educational lab kits please contact or call (540) 257-3735 to speak with an application engineer.

Information about how the educational lab kits were implemented at Virginia Tech can be found at the following link:


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