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The FluxDAQ+ is a low-cost Arduino based data acquisition system that is designed to accurately measure the small analog DC voltage output signals from PHFS heat flux sensors, their integrated thermocouples and independent thermocouple based temperature sensors. The FluxDAQ+ enables precise measurement resolution at a fraction of the cost to other currently available systems.

Increased functionality has been added to the FluxDAQ+ to include data logging capabilities that are independent of a personal computer. New features allow the user to either take data directly to the computer and display real-time plots of heat flux and temperature (same as with the FluxDAQ) or run the device portably and log the data over time while connected to an AC outlet.  The data is recorded to an 8 Gigabyte SD memory card (included) which can be removed and accessed on a computer at a later time.


NOTE: Sensors are not included wtih the FluxDAQ+ System

FluxDAQ+ Heat Flux Sensor and Thermocouple Measurement and Data Logging System

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