Now Offering Take-home Lab Kits for Heat Transfer Students!

Inexpensive kits include everything needed to take data for experiments - high-res DAQ, heat flux and temperature sensors, flexible heater, etc.



The Heat Flux Sensor




Small, low-cost, multipurpose
Large and highly sensitive for big surfaces
Ultra-sensitive for building science, soil studies, etc.
Robust, high temp sensors for extreme environments
DAQ's and Data Loggers
High-resolution heat flux/ thermocouple loggers
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Founded in 2015, FluxTeq was the first company to patent a manufacturing process for mass-producing thin-film heat flux sensors.  Being the first of it's kind, FluxTeq is the only company that can develop such sensors in bulk and sell at a fraction of the cost to comparable sensors on the market.  Since then, FluxTeq has continued to develop and market new thermal sensor products using the latest and most advanced technology.


Our goal is to change the way people think about heat and temperature by being the first to offer heat flux sensors at a low cost for everyday use.  While knowing the temperature of something may be useful, knowing the actual heat flux by measuring it directly can be much more predictive and useful in any application that involves heat transfer. 


Our patented process allows mass production of thin, flexible surface mount heat flux sensors.  These general purpose sensors can be placed on any surface to measure the heat flux directly in units of W/m2.  We are continuing to develop new top of the line sensor products for both heat flux and temperature measurements.

Order a PHFS heat flux sensor and use it with our FluxDAQ data acquisition system or FluxDAQ+ data logger.

  • Ultra-high measurement resolution (1-2 microvolts)

  • 8 differential inputs (heat flux/thermocouples)

  • View real-time plots 

  • Record sensor data over time to an SD memory card


Use the PHFS-09e large surface area heat flux sensors or heat flux plate for in-situ R-value monitoring of building walls.

The FluxDAQ systems work directly with the Arduino environment.

If you already have an Arduino, just a few additional components will allow you to interface with our sensors and heat flux plates directly.  Contact us for more details....

Check out the magazine article featuring our sensors being used in hands-on workshops for heat transfer students in Virginia Tech's Mechanical Engineering Department.

VT News Article "Sensor provides undergraduates with portable lab experience"



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